Did you know? The top use for social media in marketing is brand building, per a BtoB Magazine 2011 survey.

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Todd Walter
Todd Walter

As an account manager I've worked at Godfrey for several years creating and handling publicity for our clients. My background all along has been in PR and I've worked mostly in the agency environment, but also for six years in the corporate realm. In my generation we've not only witnessed a paradigm shift with the arrival of the internet, but now there's a whole new way of practicing PR with the arrival of Web and PR 2.0.  The biggest challenge is to avoid becoming Old School (which can happen in about 6 months if you're not careful).

Outside of my job, I'm a family man as well as an avid bicyclist and outdoors enthusiast, with the occasional camping excursion, surf trip or ski outing.  I also enjoy riding my motorcycle. My secret ambition is to ride across the U.S. either on my bicycle or on a motorcycle.

Sep 19, 2013

If you work for a company that manufactures anything at all, chances are you’re connected to the packaging industry. Maybe you work for a consumer goods company, or maybe your firm supplies the materials used in wrappers, food ingredients or even the components or systems used in a packaging operation. Much like the automotive industry, the network of suppliers and service providers in this industry is vast. With the industry’s premier PACK EXPO trade show happening next week, this is a good time to examine a few industry trends and see how they relate to B2B marketing.

May 17, 2012

The stats are all over the board regarding the B2B benefits of Facebook, with much of the feedback indicating a lag in Facebook popularity compared to other social media outlets for usefulness in B2B. Statistics aside, if you’re one of those in the “I’m skeptical about Facebook” camp here are several considerations that might help you rethink your position.

Nov 9, 2011

Workhorse PR can reliably deliver good results year after year. With the rise in social media and other direct channels, is it time to implement more “racehorse” PR?

May 6, 2011

How does public relations follow the motto of the Boy Scouts? When it comes to dealing with a crisis, you don’t know what may happen but you can take steps to be prepared for managing the communications.

Feb 7, 2011

By now you’ve heard that good content is key to successfully attracting, interacting and engaging with customers online. In fact, this concept is so important that some companies have established the COO - chief content officer.

Jan 29, 2010

I remember taking a journalism class back in college where the professor harped on using the same adjectives more than once in a story. He urged us to be more creative to come up with different adjectives, and would even dock points if we duplicated words.

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