Did you know?  74% of respondents feel that original content and media are most effective for generating marketing ROI.

B2B Content: 10 Mistakes Marketers Make

B2B marketers are often under pressure to support outbound and inbound communications across multiple markets and channels. Despite the diversity of strategies and tactics, many marketers cite similar digital marketing goals:

  • Improve search engine rankings.
  • Increase web site traffic.
  • Generate more online leads.
  • Participate in social media.
  • Improve customer experience.

With limited resources and unlimited expectations from upper management, sales, and distributors/partners, what’s the one solution that can support most B2B marketing goals?

Content: The Solution that Meets all B2B Marketing Goals
But not just any content: Valuable, relevant, and regularly updated content.

As Forrester Research summarized in the report, The Persuasive Content Architecture, “Customer experience expectations rise each year as customers want faster responses to requests, more conversational interactions, and more relevant content.”

B2B marketers who do focus on content often fail at successfully executing an effective content strategy. Avoid these common content development missteps.
B2B Content: 10 Mistakes Marketers Make 

1. Not understanding customers’ needs.
Content is only effective if it meets users needs. Find out what content your prospects and customers want and expect then produce it. Simple and low-cost research investments, like a 4Qs web site survey can help gather information.

2. Drawing the wrong assumptions from data.
Analytics are essential but bounce rates, click-streams and visitor stats are measurements of activity not explanations of people’s behavior. A high bounce rate could mean the page content wasn’t what they expected OR it immediately met their needs. Metrics matter but can’t explain behaviors or psychological motivation.

3. Failure to use available data. (Or track anything at all.)
Number 2 doesn’t mean you can’t learn and do a lot with the data you have to improve your content. Looking at search terms driving traffic may indicate keywords to optimize content and metadata for or help with SEO keyword research. Top ranking or underperforming pages may help prioritize your content development activities.

4. Expecting too much too soon.
It takes time to build a relationship. You need to prove the information you have is useful and your company can help. If your e-newsletter opt-ins or Twitter follower numbers aren’t wowing you from the start, don’t give up.

5. Being inconsistent.
Deliver what you promise and when you promised it. If you got someone interested in your content, don’t disappoint them by not meeting expectations.

6. Demanding too much. (Don’t be pushy.)
Requiring users to give up to much personal information to access your content is a sure-fire way to make them go somewhere else. (Somewhere without long forms with required fields and rude error messages.)

7. Thinking content is just text.
White papers and web pages are still great but videos, podcasts, and interactive applications aren’t nice add-ons; they’re expected.

8. Forgetting to be human.
When producing content, be true to your brand but don’t be a faceless company. People do business with people. Being personable and genuine helps build a positive customer experience. (Read B2B Blogging Tips.)

9. No integration with other marketing activities.
Developing content to support other intiatives will help prioritize investments and may improve results.  (Don't just send that Google Ad to an old web page, develop a new landing page to specifically pay off your offer.)

10. No plan.
Define what content you will create and know why you are creating it.

Otherwise, you’re producing content just to produce content. And that’s not a content strategy.

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