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Investing in B2B Mobile Design: The Facts You Need to Be Convinced You Must

The excitement and adoption of the iPad and the proliferation of new tablet devices along with smartphone enhancements has been a catalyst for many companies recognizing the potential of mobile. But while your executive management and sales staff may be carrying around new tablet devices and downloading more smartphone apps that doesn’t mean there’s a budget for your b2b marketing department to design the best mobile experience for your company’s online presence.

I’ve written several posts about the things to consider when designing B2B mobile experiences and determining if you need an app or mobile web site (absolutely). (With the release of the iPad2, you might want to check out how iPad app design is different from the iPhone.) But many B2B marketers are still trying to get past the first obstacle of convincing decision-makers to care and invest in designing for mobile.

I recently attended the UIE Web App Masters Tour and Luke Wroblewski had a great presentation touching on many of these issues I’ve blogged about. But here are the highlights on some stats he shared to help convince your b2b marketing stakeholders to care about designing mobile experiences.

Mobile Design Matters: Statistics to Sell B2B Marketing Stakeholders

The number one reason you should design experiences for mobile?

Because your users expect it. Websites not optimized for smaller-screen formats will become a market barrier for companies---as users expect experiences tailored to their preferences and devices. Many B2B marketers' sites and content will need to be rebuilt and reformatted, not as a courtesy, but a requirement. Don't fall behind your competion and don't fail to meet the expectations of the very people you are trying to reach and build connections with.

Know what your users want. Know what mobile is good at. And design for it.

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