Did you know?  70% of respondents are spending more today on direct branded content than they did three years ago.

B2B Advertising

Imagine a chaotic tournament where the players, the field and the rules are always changing. That’s B2B advertising. And Godfrey’s always ready for a good interception.

We’ve been in this game for generations. Literally. Godfrey has helped B2B companies shift from print-only programs to multilayered digital campaigns with web banners, social media, custom mobile apps and more. We’re constantly cross-training in emerging media. And always mastering those timeless game-changing plays—the insightful, creative messages that cut through the clamor and really stick with your audience. For the win.

B2B advertising is a hard-won skill. It only looks easy when you’re as crazy about B2B as we are. Let’s talk about how Godfrey can forward your B2B objectives.


B2B Blog Posts

Jan 30, 2014

We recently took a look at 2013 web statistics to see what was attracting attention and action on Godfrey.com over the past year.  Here are a few highlights we find interesting and may provide an indicator of B2B marketing trends in 2014:

Jan 20, 2014

I’ve been thinking about the year ahead for B2B marketers. We are experiencing a significant increase in the demands and expectations coming our way, along with an accelerated pace of change within our organizations, in customer dynamics and of course in marketing technology. It’s exciting and challenging.


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B2B Blog
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