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Avantor: Global Corporate Rebrand

Avantor: Global Corporate Rebrand


After having just formalized an agency relationship with Godfrey, our client required a global company rebrand. The rebrand strategy was both for their corporate identity as well as their key product lines. With a history dating back to 1867, the corporate brand was well solidified in the marketplace. Godfrey was charged with maintaining existing brand equity while creating a new corporate identity that not only differentiated the brand in the marketplace but also portrayed a more modern, vibrant company.


Godfrey helped our client select and obtain clearance for its new name, Avantor™ Performance Materials. Executed through a four-month process, the engagement included the following elements:

  • Positioning

  • Branding elements, including persona, personality, tone, vocabulary and visual vocabulary

  • Company naming process

  • Key messaging

  • Logo development

  • Brand architecture – a strategy for transitioning product brands under the new corporate umbrella.

  • Internal roll-out, including employee communications, events, posters, videos, presentations, premium items and intranet site.

  • Sales support including meeting support, presentations, and talking points.

  • External (market) roll-out, including ads, public relations, customer letters, videos, presentations, premium items and web landing pages.

Visually, the new company’s image needed to project a bold, contemporary style. Visual elements in ads, trade show messaging, web pages, etc., needed to communicate product quality, the energies and capabilities of Avantor people, and the company’s spirit of innovation.

In addition, the brand voice needed to project a sense of positive energy and strength that positioned Avantor as a powerful, successful organization that customers and prospects would want to do business with.


Anecdotal evidence indicates widespread acceptance of the new brand, both internally and externally. The Avantorâ„¢ acquisition microsite drew 5,481 visitors in its first month of operation and public relations efforts resulted in more than 400 stories appearing in the media.

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