Godfrey B2B


JLG JobSite E-News

Godfrey developed a memorable approach to this e-newsletter that delivers key messages while reinforcing JLG's branding and positioning.

JLG Virtual Trade Show

In lieu of an actual trade show booth, Godfrey created a virtual one as part of the JLG e-newsletter.

JLG JobSite E-news

Another edition of the JobSite highlights new product innovations and includes a safety quiz.

JLG JobSite E-news SkyQ Quiz

The JLG JobSite asked users to test their knowledge in an equipment safety SkyQ quiz.

JLG JobSite E-news

The introduction of a mobile distributor locator and JLG equipment quiz keep users engaged in another edition of the JobSite.

JLG Jobsite E-news JLGenius Quiz

The JLGenius quiz tests user knowledge on everything from equipment features to aftermarket support and provides results with one click.

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