Godfrey Guess Who Game

We’ve hired a handful of new faces at Godfrey in the past year. So in the spirit of getting to know each other, the agency organized our own version of the classic game “Guess Who?” Participating employees submitted one fun fact about themselves. Facts were then compiled into a list to let the guessing games begin!

Godfrey Guess Who Game

We gathered at a weekly happy half-hour in December to uncover the face behind each fact. Did you know Godfrey CEO Chuck Manners shook the hand of former U.S. president Jimmy Carter while he was in office? Or that our new president Stacy Whisel has gone sky diving? From antique dealers to extreme sports aficionados, the game revealed that Godfrey is chock full of unique personalities and experiences.

B2B Sightings


B2B Brewing

Harrington Hoists shines high above the brew room floor at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. 

JLG jimmy johns

Partners in Deliciousness

We spotted our good friend JLG lending a hand to the new sandwich shop below our office.

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