The power behind any successful marketing effort is a strong idea. Not a design. Not a headline. An idea. For Godfrey, it’s a repeatable creative idea that expresses a strategic message. That’s what we call a “concept.” It’s not the finalized execution, but it is the engine that drives all execution to follow.
Leveraging the insight and strategy, we develop several concepts that effectively express your strategic message in a creative way. Why several? First, because who likes a “take it or leave it” proposition? Second, because we want you to be a part of the process. Every option we provide will be on-strategy and on-brand, but we’re out to find the concept that will have you just as excited as we are.
  • Definition: A recipe for each idea, articulating the approach in as few words as possible
  • Inspiration: A curated sampling of work that shows what you can expect from the final execution
  • Demonstration: Early executions, often in the form of a sketch
  • Concept Guide: A simple “how-to” for anyone executing the selected concept

We built our concepting process to turn out ideas that are versatile enough to thrive across platforms, across channels and – in the case of brand concepting – across years as well. Our concepts are optimized to inspire every part of the plan that follows.

Talk to us about how we can turn your strategy into a versatile creative concept.

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