To make our work most effective, we need to understand the realities of the market, your competitors and, most importantly, your audience. We often start with some solid knowledge around these areas. And, of course, you know quite a bit yourself. But it’s always a good idea to check on the true context around your objectives.

We have methods for doing this quickly and efficiently. In our insight step, we combine our institutional knowledge with new findings, which we can analyze and organize as actionable information. This lays the foundation for developing the strategy, creative concept and tactical plan.

All insight matters. But we get the most value from talking with your customers and prospects. By interviewing a fairly small number of people, we can uncover most of the issues and perceptions of the total audience. More importantly, we get to hear their stories. And those anecdotes and pain points become the fuel that powers our entire creative process.

  • Review our existing knowledge and research
  • Interview internal stakeholders
  • Audit key competitors
  • Assess the market environment
  • Interview customers and prospects
  • Competitive Landscape: Strategies, positioning, messaging and current tactics
  • Market Narrative: Topics, trends and conversations
  • Audience Profiles: Personas to focus the concept and tactical plan
  • Key Findings: A focused platform for strategic recommendations

Don’t settle for ideas that merely connect. You need to meet your audience with ideas that fully resonate. So, at Godfrey, strategy is really just an exercise in applied insight.

Talk to us and see how we can reach your audience with a message that matters.

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