Don’t you wish an agency would care as much about the results of their work as they do the work itself? Welcome to Godfrey! From our first discussion, we are focused on what you need to accomplish and on how we can measure that success. Through the strategy and planning steps, we help you define success and develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your outcomes.
We customize our measurement and reporting capabilities for your needs and budget. Sometimes it’s the use of free website analytics. Sometimes it’s a robust analytics program covering every aspect of paid, earned and owned channels. But we don’t just measure; we analyze the metrics and make recommendations on how to change or improve aspects of the program for even better results.
  • In the early phases of creating awareness, we want to consider the competitive landscape, voice-share metrics in the PR space and referral movement to the website (paid ads, PR, SEO, etc.).
  • Once the audience is within your marketing funnel, we want to look at engagement metrics and paths toward calls to action (clicks, downloads and subscriptions). Trade show metrics, social media metrics and sharing activities are captured as well.
  • As the journey continues from research to selection, we look more closely at “interest” metrics such as downloads, forms completed, subscriptions and, ultimately, qualified leads.

With KPIs aligned with your customers’ buying process, we can leverage our measurements to continually optimize and improve performance. This is how we turn analysis into optimization, and all the work of our unified methodology cycles back into the fuel of customer insight.

Talk to us about how we can empower your brand with ideas that lead to measureable action.

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