Today, planning is anything but simple. A sea change in customer behavior (where a B2B buyer handles up to 80 percent of the journey before making contact), the explosion of digital channels, the shift to a new generation of always-connected and mobile-first buyers ─ the complications go on and on. Integrated B2B marketing programs have never required so many moving pieces. And it’s our job to sort it all out.
Our approach is “channel-agnostic,” and our preference is to be “channel-inclusive” based on audience insight, so we meet the audience where they are. We’re setting out to provide the right content to the right audience at the right time through the right vehicles and over the right channels – all based on our collected insight about the preferences of your audience.
  • Plan Framework: Highlights the key elements of the plan for an at-a-glance review
  • Content Strategy: Details the audience situation, key messages, types of content and preferred channels
  • Owned Media: Includes website properties, blogs, apps and social media pages
  • Earned Media: Includes public relations activities, word-of-mouth and shared content
  • Paid Media: Includes print and online advertising, search engine marketing and sponsorships
  • Internal Communications: As applicable, especially for branding engagements
  • KPIs for Optimization: Recommended measurement techniques for every step of the process

Believe it or not, we can make B2B planning simple and quick. Just as your strategy and concept set the big picture for a plan, our planning step determines where all of our creative energy will be applied as we develop your complete program.

Talk to us to learn how we can help you build an intricate program with simple-yet-powerful results.

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