Your objectives are the “what.” The strategy is the “how.” It’s the way we achieve your objectives given the realities of the market, the competition and the audience. Using proven tools and frameworks, we map out the core strategy that will drive your concept and your plan.
Depending on your objective, the strategy phase may be high-level – such as a branding or positioning strategy – or largely tactical – such as a website or social media strategy. Regardless of scope, every strategy culminates in a core strategic statement that is not only short and specific but differentiates you in a way that nobody else can claim.
  • Key Strategies: Aligned with insight findings
  • Brief: Summarizes insight and strategy for concept development
  • Messaging Strategy: Key pillars and initial details
  • Strategic Framework: Aligned with the customer journey, initial framing of the audience situation, key messages, content types, channels, KPIs and measurements

Strategy is about organizing your objectives and refining your message to its most potent formula. The outcome is a focused core idea that becomes the basis of a core creative concept.

Talk to us and find out how we can get your strategic thinking on-target.

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