Godfrey Digital Training Enhances Agency’s B2B Knowledge

Godfrey Digital Training

When it comes to B2B knowledge, we don’t take learning lightly! From October through December, the entire agency attended 10 digital training sessions to expand our marketing strategy expertise. Led by Michael Barber, founder of barber&hewitt, the sessions covered a breadth of digital-focused topics including search engine optimization, user experience, marketing automation, analytics and B2B metrics (just to name a few!).

“The B2B marketing landscape is changing so rapidly. As an organization, we feel we have a responsibility to our employees to help them stay educated with everything B2B marketers need to know,” Erin Michalak, senior vice president and director of account service, said.

Godfrey Digital Training

Digital training was the perfect complement to last year’s Godfrey University program, a series of market segment-focused courses led by Godfrey employees.

Added Michalak, “The education never stops – we plan to continue to hold training sessions to ensure, as an agency, our employees are always informed about the latest digital marketing trends and technologies.”

Curious about some of Godfrey’s recent digital work? Browse the FWD:B2B blog to see what we’re working on now.

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