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If you’ve walked around Downtown Lancaster recently, you may have noticed the flower baskets hanging from lampposts. These baskets line the streets from May to October and are part of an initiative from Lancaster’s Economic Action for Downtown’s Success (LEADS). This nonprofit is all about making Downtown Lancaster a more beautiful place to live, work and visit. At Godfrey, a good number of us live downtown, all of us work downtown and just about every one of our clients has visited us downtown. It is important for us to support the community where we work and play.

We recently partnered up with LEADS and sent a group of Godfrey volunteers to walk around the city, adding to the almost 250 baskets hanging on King and Queen Streets of Downtown Lancaster. All told, we helped add about 45 new baskets. It’s just one small way that Godfrey is happy to help our community and create a more beautiful downtown!

B2B Sightings

mixer breast cancer

Mixing in Pink

In support of breast cancer awareness, this decked-out mixer was spotted in Lancaster Square. 


B2B Brewing

Harrington Hoists shines high above the brew room floor at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. 

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