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Professional Growth Means New Roles for Godfrey Staff

Macdonald and Terpak new roles

To grow their knowledge and sharpen their skills, our team members attend conferences, research industry best practices and trends and even share their insights as thought leaders {link to Insights page}. Some of them even reach into new areas of expertise. Leanne Terpak and JenMarie Macdonald are using their extended expertise in new roles.

Leanne has moved from her role as analytics director to media director. In her new role, she uses her analytics knowhow to develop strategies across traditional and digital media to achieve our clients’ marketing goals. Working closely with our internal teams, Leanne helps to unify our clients’ communications planning across all relevant channels. Her analytics expertise will allow her to help drive real results for our clients’ media programs.

Previously our proofreader, JenMarie is now one of our copywriters. The close reading and editing of agency content required by her previous role support the industry research, concepting and B2B storytelling she is now doing.

Congratulations to Leanne and JenMarie. Our team’s dedication to extending their knowledge and expertise demonstrates their commitment to our industry, always learning and innovating to advance our clients’ B2B marketing goals.


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