The New Is Our Favorite Thing Right Now

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Our last redesign happened back in 2013. As we often tell our clients, redesigns should never be done simply for the sake of redesigning. We've followed our own advice. Now is the right time for something new. The industries around us are changing, and we're a different company than we were five years ago.

We began discussing this redesign late last year but didn’t begin in earnest on the project until late February. Our goals from the beginning were three-fold:

  • To tell our story in a more personal and transparent way
  • To experiment with new platforms and tools
  • To unify our brand around a single design system

It wasn’t always gravy—no redesign ever is. We had a lot of passionate conversations about different design directions, URL structures and content hierarchies. We ventured down quite a variety of paths before reaching a destination that all of us could love.

That destination is what we're revealing.

What’s new?

The new website represents us as we are today: why we get out of bed in the morning, what we do every day and how we see the world. We built the site on Sitecore 9 and deployed it across the Azure environment, allowing us to leverage new features like Experience Manager and reduce future time spent on scaling our infrastructure.

You'll find content and features that you'll love, but here are a few that I'm most fawning over:

The almost total lack of forms

We replaced those forms with "B2-B2," our new website chatbot, which allows for a more intuitive way for us to engage our site visitors.

Lots of video

Hi Donna! She’s one of our fantastic Art Directors that you see in the first frame of the video on your homepage ;).

The beautiful iconography designed by our team

So many other things to love:

What's next?

This is step one toward rolling out a unified design system across our organization. Eventually, we want to make the site more personally relevant and anticipatory of people’s needs. We want to make it easier for our new business team to extend the website into conversations with future clients. And we want the site to be a place we continually test new features and platforms that could later benefit our clients.

We hope you love it as much as we do.


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