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Whether it’s your car or your factory, lubrication keeps it running smoothly. This is a massive global market. It has the big names, but it also has the niche players—where new oils and additives are adopted for highly specific applications. We understand this market, so you won’t have the “friction” of a long learning curve. Whether you’re selling base oils, additives or finished industrial lubricants, we can help tell your story.
Government regulations are driving the industry toward more eco-friendly lubricants. In addition to being kinder on the environment, they also pose fewer health concerns to workers and the public. This is particularly true with respect to water and air emissions. Applying and being awarded the USDA Certified Biobased Product label immediately validates your products to the commercial and federal marketplaces.
You have a unique opportunity to talk not only with your customers but with their customers, too. When the conversation is environmentally driven, you can influence the chain of buyers with a push/pull strategy. For example, if you’re specifically addressing blenders about a change in their formula, you might emphasize a reduction in their total cost of formulation. But if your product increases machine performance or reduces maintenance for your customers’ customers, that’s a significant motivator for both audiences and the basis for a strong two-pronged program.
We’ve been in the lubrication and metalworking industries for a long time, and we know the voice of the market and customer. We know that they value application data. And that they want proven performance. When you’re partnering with a marketing agency, you want proven success, too.

Talk with us and find out how Godfrey can craft your message to speak directly to your customers.

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