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You can say we’ve learned B2B marketing from the component up. It still gives us a thrill to work with innovative companies that design and manufacture those typically unseen components that truly make everything tick. From researching and qualifying products to making the actual purchase, we know just what to say and when to say it.
OEM component suppliers and their products are as diverse as you can get. You’re talking about businesses as opposite as aerospace and bedding. But the people they sell to—design engineers—have been one of the most homogenous audience groups in B2B marketing for decades, at least in the U.S. This is changing. The industry is currently facing the mass retirement of experienced engineers, and the influx of a less experienced, more diverse audience. For savvy marketers, this creates a unique opportunity to connect with this new generation. If you can provide applications engineering support and training along with your product, you’re positioning yourself well for the future.
Engineers value information that is timely and technically accurate. They also want detailed diagrams and images—whether in PDF or video form. Knowing what content your audience needs and delivering it to them through the right channel on the right device is crucial to maintaining their attention. The more you understand your audience and uncover these intricacies, the more you can create effective messaging that gets noticed and leads to sales.
For more than 30 years, we’ve been interviewing engineers—uncovering their pain points and grasping the issues they deal with every day. They worry about product reliability and quality as well as time-to-market pressures. But more than anything, they don’t have enough time to research suppliers and product or technology alternatives. This insight runs through the heart of our methodology. It’s how we create marketing plans that communicate your differentials, connect busy design engineers with your content, and drive them to engage with your sales team.

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