FWD:B2B Marketing and Technology Conference 2013

November 7, 2013
The Ware Center
Lancaster, PA

Opening Remarks

Chuck Manners, Godfrey President and CEO

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Session 1: The B2B Agenda

Ralph Oliva, Executive Director, Institute for the Study of Business Markets

Find out what 72 forward-looking CMOs and 30 academic B2B thought-leaders have to say about your ever-changing industry landscape. From commoditization and globalization to new rivals and buying behaviors, this presentation from the B2B Leadership Board at Penn State's Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM) explores your greatest challenges and opportunities up ahead.

Session 2: The Epic Collision of Marketing and Technology

Scott Brinker, Co-founder, President and CTO, ion interactive

Marketing is becoming a technology-powered discipline, from the front-facing technologies we use to engage with prospects and customers in a digital world to the back-office technologies we use for a new generation of marketing operations. These technologies have tremendous potential to increase marketing's capabilities and value to the organization — but they require us to embrace technology strategy and management as a more integral part of the marketing function. This session will give you an overview of these new dynamics and help you forge a plan for moving forward in this brave, new world.

Session 3: Moving from the Why to How of Content Marketing

Michael Brenner, Vice President, Marketing and Content Strategy, SAP

Join Michael Brenner as he offers an in-depth look at what it takes to create a successful content hub for your brand. Michael will also explain the relationship between getting found (SEO), getting shared (social) and getting leads (conversion), and he will show how effective content drives this relationship. Michael's own experience leading SAP's groundbreaking content marketing strategy makes his insights exceptionally valuable for every B2B marketer.

Session 4: B2B Social Media Marketing – Really!

Paul Gillin, B2B Social Media Expert

Conventional wisdom says that social media isn't appropriate for B2B marketing. Conventional wisdom is wrong. B2B companies were actually some of the first to adopt social media tools broadly and to discover the benefits of rich, ongoing customer conversations. B2B social media doesn't have the glamor and sex-appeal of big consumer campaigns like the Old Spice man, but Web 2.0 technologies are already firmly entrenched in firms ranging from commodities exchanges to high-tech vendors to sellers of construction supplies.

Session 5: Made to Measure – Tailoring Digital for B2B

LuJean Smith, Global Communications Leader, GE Water & Process Technologies

Steven Pepe, Digital Marketing Leader, GE Water & Process Technologies

Not all B2B is the same – you must explore the digital marketing and communications strategies that will work best for connecting with your customers. At GE Water & Process Technologies, the marketing and communications departments are collaborating to develop, test, implement and measure the strategies that will reach the company's broad range of industries and support both lead generation and thought leadership. LuJean and Steven will share insights into their continuing journey toward tailoring a custom-fit digital strategy for their business.

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