The B2B Weekly Roundup: August 6


The B2B Weekly Roundup

Welcome to August. Despite the new month’s reputation for being a slower-paced time – and we do hope you’re enjoying some of that – our experts find the pace of change unrelenting in the world of B2B marketing. Dan Pacifico warns that Google has flagged optimized press releases distributed broadly online as a signal for link schemes and a detriment to SEO. Leanne Terpak explains the expanded analytics available for company pages on LinkedIn and how B2B marketers can compare themselves to other companies. Andy DeBrunner brings us up to date on Twitter’s plans to use retargeting technology, apparently similar to what Facebook has been doing, and suggests ways to take advantage of the offer. Jenn Vitello finds evidence that two venerable tools – customer testimonials and case studies – are considered by B2B tech marketers as the most effective content marketing tactics. Andy Hunt considers the Leap Motion Controller and peers ahead at what it could mean for developers of B2B products.

Chuck Manners, CEO

Google no Longer Playing Nice with Press Releases

The latest victims of the ever-evolving Google algorithm are press releases. In the past, Google has made mention that press releases pass no value and now it seems that they have included overly-optimized press releases as a signal for link schemes. B2B marketers will now have to be more careful when using paid services to blast out press releases online and if attempting to optimize links within these press releases, use a nofollow tag to mitigate negative signals with Google. It is still important to link within a press release to allow people to travel from news stories, product releases, etc. to your website to learn more about your company and offerings, but the links will no longer serve to benefit SEO.

Dan Pacifico, Search Marketing Analyst

LinkedIn Company Pages Add Analytics

Recently LinkedIn redesigned and expanded its analytics for company pages. This comes as good news to B2B marketers, who can now monitor content effectiveness, especially within a particular target audience.

Know that LinkedIn did have some basic analytics before -- Page Insights and Follower Insights. But the new metrics are more robust, as they offer things like custom date ranges, individual post activity, and follower demographics.

A big benefit of the new LinkedIn analytics for B2B is that there’s a nifty little place to see ‘How You Compare’ among other company pages that are in industries similar to yours.

Want a guided tour? Check out this short YouTube video.

Leanne Terpak, Analytics Director

Social Retargeting is the New “Black”

Have you ever been catching up on your Facebook feed and noticed an ad from a website you’d recently visited? Maybe you checked out a pair of shoes on Zappos yesterday and there’s an ad promoting the latest Zappos Facebook post right there in your news feed. “What a coincidence!” you may have thought. But if you’ve been advertising online for a while, you may have figured out that something else was afoot. Indeed, Facebook has been retargeting ads based on user browsing history for some time now and has seen some early success with that strategy. Not to be outdone, Twitter appears to have plans to utilize remarketing technology in their advertising offering sometime in the near future. They say users will not see more ads, just better ones. Many of our clients have access to massive email lists of customers and other people who have indicated an interest in their company for one reason or another. Oftentimes the lists lay dormant, waiting for the next monthly newsletter to go out. Twitter’s retargeting options could put those lists to use targeting ads to list members on Twitter just like creating custom audiences does for Facebook advertisers.

Andy DeBrunner, Social Media Manager

Lead Generation Top B2B Content Marketing Goal

Lead generation is the most common content marketing goal for B2B tech marketers, according to 71% of surveyed LinkedIn group members. Customer testimonials and case studies were considered the most effective content marketing tactics, with almost 25% of respondents reporting they don’t outsource any of their content marketing. If you don’t have one already, start an inventory of customer success stories and identify ways to reach your prospects with them—post them to your website, include them in your e-newsletters. Case studies are great tools to use to get the conversation started with prospects while also adding value and credibility to your offering.

Jenn Vitello, Content Manager

The Leap Motion Controller Could Change the way we Interface With Our Computers

We've made a small investment in a nifty little device with a world of potential, the Leap Motion Controller. The premise is simple enough, it’s an Xbox Kinect-like device that plugs into your computer and allows you to use your hands to control what’s happening on your computer’s screen. While I haven’t had a lot of time to really dive into what the device can do, some reviews around the web have done a good job of elaborating on my initial thoughts. A device that can measure inputs from 3 dimensions is an incredible technological achievement with seemingly limitless possibilities except, for now, it’s relegated to being nothing more than a novel toy.

Aside from a few difficulties getting the Leap to register movements accurately (which is somewhat expected with a young technology like this), the biggest hurdle for Leap is that personal computers and applications have always operated on a 2D plane and developers will need some time to shift thinking (and budgets) away from that model. The real breakthroughs will occur when developers realize exactly what can be done with Leap’s APIs and apply the device in a completely new way rather than simply getting it to do things in a different way. While you will probably never see this technology take the place of your keyboard and mouse, it would seem that the possibilities for niche companies, like many in the B2B space, could benefit from exploring what a device like this could offer them.

Andy Hunt, Director of Marketing Technology

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