The Anatomy of B2B Marketing


Anatomy of B2B Marketing

We’ve all heard life is like a box of chocolates; I’ve recently heard email marketing is like a restaurant, but I feel I can really relate a successful B2B marketing team to the workings of a renowned hospital. Any good medical institution has a reputation for knowledgeable people, dedicated systems and efficient processes. But to truly be a stand-out operation, you need to have all of it working in conjunction. To be the “Mayo Clinic” of B2B marketing, you need unification.

For example, using the marketing challenge as a patient, it is processed into the system and expected to follow down the path of knowledge-driven expertise for the best treatment options:

  • Residents/General Practitioners (management) – assigned to handle the case and through consultation, determine what symptoms and expected goals/outcome – requiring a comprehensive plan (integrated marketing program)
  • Psychiatrists (User Experience) – understanding how the patient (well, your audience) is thinking/feeling, as well as any external influences
  • The Lab Techs (Analytics) – constantly taking samples/tests to determine what areas to watch/treat
  • Neurology (Search) – consulted to make sure the overall research/diagnosis fits into plan
  • Research Institute (Research/Marketing Technology) – brought in to help suggest different ways of specifically treat areas – especially new/experimental procedures (forms of marketing)

Once information has been gathered, the treatment plan (strategy) is developed:

  • Brain Surgeons/Internists/Nurses (creative) – work with the team help solve any cerebral (strategic) issues, provide direction and monitor and handle all day-to-day needs
  • Anesthesiologists (writing) – conduct interviews to determine what anesthesia (content strategy) works, determining a successful surgery overall
  • Reconstructive Surgery (public relations) – may be needed to enhance the patient’s overall look (brand)

Surgery (implementation) takes place to tactically apply all agreed-upon solutions, utilizing the opinions of all areas, plus:

  • ER/Trauma Surgeons (programming) – normally called in to handle developing emergencies, may handle any issues that may arrive during the procedure
  • Gastroenterologists (production) – making sure the outcome and final product is all working before the patient is discharged

Once in recovery, monitoring (analyzing) the outcome is imperative:

  • The Lab Techs (Analytics) – again monitoring and testing post-surgical procedure
  • Pharmacy (Strategic Media) – providing the correct medicines for healing in various areas (reaching your audience by medium)
  • The Free Clinic (Social Media) – available for follow-up and dialogue for ongoing treatment and questions

Each specialty, whether in marketing or healthcare, makes the whole work together for an integrated operation and successful program. Like a hospital, an effective B2B marketing program cannot simply be a series of disconnected tactics (specialties) but must be a unified process – all helping to make your marketing program successful.

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As Director of Account Service, I'm relentless in making sure clients have the best marketing they can get.


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