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Four-Dimensional Storytelling Ideas for B2B Exhibitors

How do you activate and illuminate your brand so it stands out from all the “me too” noise of a busy trade show? How do you tell the story of your business to thousands of attendees a day without contributing to the sensory overload? You need to give a clear, compelling and unmistakably unique story built on four key pillars: Dynamic Visualization, Experiential Engagement, Imaginative Information Delivery and—the thread that ties it all together—Strategic Storytelling. Attendees will learn some practical tactics and approaches for connecting these elements into one cohesive and compelling brand story.


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Michael Barber

Michael Barber

Senior Vice President, Chief Creative Officer

Michael guides the agency’s creative vision and ensures that we continually evolve our work with the future marketing communications landscape. As a speaker, his expertise is nationally regarded, as he has spoken at more than 120 marketing conferences and events.

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