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The flooring industry is facing a new set of challenges and trends. Here are four key market changes that will impact your path forward.

The pandemic has also sparked the desire for commercial and residential flooring that can help limit the spread of germs. Several flooring categories are well positioned to meet this demand:

    • LVT flooring offers the aesthetic of wood that’s superior to laminate and wood veneer in terms of containing the spread of germs — and at a better price point.

    • Cork flooring provides natural antimicrobial and water-resistant qualities in a material that’s sustainable and eco-friendly.

    • Ceramic tile helps prevent the spread of germs with a solid surface that doesn’t break down under steam or cleaning solutions. Some manufacturers are infusing Microban technology into tile and grout products to protect against bacterial growth.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has driven down construction activities, resulting in more project delays and shutdowns. Compared to the same period a year ago, sales of flooring have significantly decreased. The commercial market in particular is sensitive to office and retail vacancy rates, and the pandemic continues to shape demand for office space long and short term as employers adopt remote work arrangements.

The pandemic has brought out everyone’s inner DIYer. Consumers are spending more time at home, while declining interest rates have sparked an increase in home sales and renovation projects. Historically, this would drive an increase in carpet sales, as consumers often replace flooring after buying a new home. Now, consumers increasingly gravitate to hardwood, ceramic tile and LVT flooring to update when they move in.

As environmentally conscious construction becomes more popular, flooring companies are developing innovative solutions, from carpeting polymers made from renewable resources, like corn sugar, to reductions in process wastewater and waste-to-landfill levels.

Green building interest is also likely to continue raising interest in sustainable building options like hardwood floors and woodwork made from sustainable or recycled sources.

your audience

Architects. Designers. Building owners. Hospital administrators. Human resources. The list goes on. Reaching this spectrum of influencers isn’t easy to do alone. We stay on top of the latest industry trends to understand what’s important to buyers and influencers — and leverage that knowledge to put your brand at the top of their list.


Decisions are no longer made by facility managers or building owners alone. The commercial flooring buying process involves a growing team of decision makers that might include architects, designers, consultants, contractors, end users, building inspectors and code officials. New trends are also bringing sustainability, EHS and risk managers into buying conversations.

These influencers each arrive through their own unique buyer journeys — and each will expect something different from your company. Understanding their individual challenges and how to connect and collaborate with each person is critical to the success of your message.

Buying Process

your competition

From renewed sustainability focus to antimicrobial products to carpet alternative innovations, your competition is already evolving with industry trends. The pandemic, in particular, is driving them to quickly pivot with, for example, commercial and residential products infused with antimicrobial technology. We’ve analyzed the competition and leverage that insight to clearly communicate your expert ability to drive unmatched value for customers today — and tomorrow.


Effective marketing communication requires more than compelling visuals and brilliant copy. Our strategies translate creative concepts to channels and tactics that connect with the audience and help achieve program goals. Whether we’re defining KPIs or tracking digital performance, we use a data-driven approach that’s more important than ever in a post-pandemic world where almost 90% of the B2B buyer journey happens online. Our team drives connections that generate results.

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