Godfrey, Philadelphia BMA to Co-host FWD:B2B Conference 2015

FWD:B2B Conference

Godfrey and the Philadelphia chapter of the Business Marketing Association (BMA) will co-host FWD:B2B Conference 2015 on Nov. 5 at the Phoenixville Foundry, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. Titled “Odyssey,” the full-day event will explore customer journeys, brand stories and how B2B marketers can bring them together.

Expected to attract 250 forward-thinking B2B marketing and industry professionals, the global event will feature a panel of speakers who will address customer journeys and brand stories -- two of the most important B2B marketing themes of 2015. B2B marketers who connect their brand stories to their customers’ buying journey will gain brand recognition, a connection with their customers, and a leg up on their competition.

Speakers and their presentation topics include:

  • Rob Biesenbach, former vice president, Ogilvy PR, “Unleash the Power of Storytelling: Build Trust, Win Hearts, Change Minds.”
  • Jon Miller, CEO, Engagio (co-founder, Marketo), “Fishing with Spears: All about Account-Based Marketing.”
  • Laura Patterson, president, VisionEdge Marketing, “Pipeline Engineering: The Secret Ingredient to Syncing Content to the Customer Buying Process and Accelerating Revenue.”
  • Katie Martell, co-founder and chief marketing officer, Cintell, “From PDFs to Action: Reinventing Your B2B Personas.”
  • Paul Gillin, B2B social media expert, “Create Stuff They’ve Just Gotta Read: How to Write for Social Networks.”
  • Suzanne Lavin, executive director, The Institute for the Study of Business Markets, “Visual Storytelling.”

“Studies across B2B markets show that the average B2B customer is 50-70 percent of the way through the buying process before sales is engaged, and this changes everything,” said Josh Albert, director of business development, Godfrey. “Marketing has much more responsibility for getting the customer to the buying decision. B2B marketers need to understand that journey, and how it differs for different types of buyers.”

Added Krista Souto, president, Philadelphia BMA: “It’s more important than ever to understand your buyer and how your audience interacts with your brand. Successful B2B marketers create compelling stories that differentiate their business, deliver them across all channels and touch points, and utilize results for continuous improvement.”

In 2013 Godfrey hosted the inaugural FWD:B2B Conference, which featured a panel of six speakers who discussed the growing intersection of B2B marketing and technology.

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