Changing Customer Journey is Key B2B Marketing Trend in 2015

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The changing customer journey is a key business-to-business (B2B) marketing trend in 2015, according to a special report published by Chief Marketer. In compiling the report, the magazine asked seven subject matter experts for the top tips and trends to improve B2B lead generation, engagement, customer retention and ROI.

Included among the experts, Russ Green, executive vice president and partner at Godfrey, a nationally ranked B2B marketing communications agency, discusses the customer journey, citing statistics that indicate the average B2B customer is 50-70 percent of the way toward a buy¬ing decision before sales is engaged in the process.

As a result, says Green, “Marketers need to understand that journey, and how it differs for differ-ent types of buyers. They need to know where their audience is in their journey, what they are trying to achieve, what information they need and how they want to receive or access it.” According to Green, this change in the buyer’s journey, and the respective roles of marketing and sales, creates the need for tighter alignment of sales and marketing.

In addition to trends in marketing and technology, the “2015 B2B Outlook” includes tips for improving customer retention and social engagement. Chief Marketing again tapped Green for input. Green identifies marketing automation as a stepping stone to better customer retention, which he sees as a challenge and an opportunity. “It’s a business strategy,” he says, “and marketing is an arm to execute it.”

Chief Marketer serves marketing professionals with detailed information on measurable marketing strategies, tactics and techniques. To learn more about the trends that will shape B2B marketing this year and how you can leverage them to increase customer engagement and ROI, download the free report “2015 B2B Outlook” at

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