Godfrey Goes Abroad

Godfrey benefits from global exchange

Two Godfrey employees have taken their B2B experience beyond U.S. borders.

Kim O’Brien, copywriter, recently returned from a 30-day exchange program focused on media in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

The concept of a global workplace exchange originated when Scott Trobaugh, executive creative director, spent two weeks in Düsseldorf, Germany, at partner agency Moon in November 2013.

Trobaugh’s experience came full circle this July when Godfrey hosted Hendrik Müller, art director, Moon, for two weeks.

“We had just begun our partnership with Moon, so I was eager to get to know their team, how they worked and how a German agency of 16 was different from a larger American agency,” Trobaugh said of his time spent abroad.

More than two years later, the relationship remains strong.

“I found great people and an agency that is capable of creating wonderful stuff with a highly professional team. It really helped in understanding how Godfrey works and finding stepping stones for our future alliance,” said Müller of his Godfrey experience.

The experience, Müller added, helped him “get to know the people behind the telephone calls and artwork.”

In her role, O’Brien was selected among Central Pennsylvania candidates to participate in the Rotary Group Study Exchange sponsored by Rotary International. Touring with three other American media professionals, she visited approximately 25 companies and 12 cities in a curriculum comprised of vocational and cultural tours.

Global Exchange

O’Brien shadows Charvát at the Municipal Culture Center in Poděbrady, Czech Republic.

“While the exchange program was media focused, industry is so big in the region that each day was sprinkled with B2B moments. I walked through LEED platinum buildings, toured manufacturing operations at U.S. Steel Košice, visited old mines converted into public venues, you name it,” O’Brien said.

Like Trobaugh, O’Brien had the unique chance to swap workplaces. Prior to her exchange trip, Czech Rotary program participant Jakub Charvát spent a day at Godfrey learning about public relations. Upon O’Brien’s arrival in the Czech Republic, she shadowed Charvát in his role as director of the Municipal Culture Center in Poděbrady.

Charvát’s time spent at Godfrey has already prompted action to strategically expand Poděbrady’s local newspaper, theater, cinema, public library and tourism efforts.

“My visit to Godfrey showed me that it is important to improve relations with media, so I am preparing some entertaining meetings in our town just for journalists,” Charvát said.

Global exchange efforts at Godfrey have already made a positive impact – from a deeper understanding of European markets to office inspiration gleaned from Moon’s headquarters.

“I liked how their space facilitated better and more agile work, so when I got back we modeled the current Foundry space after it,” Trobaugh said.

Global Exchange

Trobaugh and Müller discuss projects at the Schlactbank, a large standing table in Moon’s collaborative space. The design element was incorporated into Godfrey’s remodeled concepting space known as The Foundry.

Added Trobaugh, “It's important to understand what it really means to market at a global level. The connectedness offered by current technology offers a better look into different markets worldwide, but there's no substitute for going somewhere new, spending time with the people there and getting to know the culture. It hones one's intuition differently than other forms of research ever could.”

Global programs continue to strengthen Godfrey’s commitment as a member of Worldwide Partners Inc., the world’s 10th largest full-service agency network spanning 22 countries with over $1.0 billion in B2B billings. 

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