Godfrey Introduces Job Shadowing Program

Job Shadowing Panel

Lancaster, Pa. – Godfrey, a nationally ranked business-to-business (B2B) marketing communications agency, recently launched an internal job shadowing program to enhance a collaborative work environment, orient new employees and provide continuing education to existing team members.

The program aligns with the company’s core values and 2015 area of focus – learning.

“We have five core values at Godfrey -- respect, integrity, teamwork, work ethic and learning -- so the job shadowing program is a perfect fit with those values,” said Chuck Manners, president and CEO.  “As we begin 2015, learning is a key area of focus.  We’ll learn more from each other and turn to outside sources to enhance our knowledge and skills as we continue to adapt in the changing environment of B2B marketing.”

Before launching the program, Godfrey conducted a three-month pilot project.  Three employee teams, each consisting of one mentor and one mentee, set goals and expectations for their respective shadowing efforts.  One team focused on design, another concentrated on public relations, and the third zeroed in on content strategy.  Each team met for a total of 16 hours, then debriefed each other after completing their individual programs.

“The pilot was viewed as a very positive experience by everyone involved,” said Andy Hunt, Godfrey’s director of marketing technology, who oversaw the pilot program.  “All participants felt more connected to their partners, with a deeper understanding of the roles they play in the agency.  They were able to draw clearer connections to how their work affects the work of others.”

As a result, Godfrey decided to expand the program in 2015.  Sixteen employees have already signed up as a mentor or mentee, with more expected as the new year unfolds.

“We’re excited about the initial interest in the job shadowing program,” Manners said.  “We expect it to support our learning focus and contribute to our overall success in 2015.”

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