Outside of Video Brains of the Operation


Finding the simple way to present a complex product

CONEXPO, the construction industry’s largest trade show in North America, is an opportunity that comes every three years for equipment manufacturers to bring their latest and greatest ideas to Las Vegas. Senior management at McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing, Inc wanted to introduce their new FLEX Controls for concrete mixers with a big splash at the show. Their task was complicated by the fact that controls are challenging to present: there’s not a lot to show or see when a control system is functioning in a major piece of equipment like a mixer. Most of the “action” happens at nanoscale. 

Inside of Video
Video combines machine images, powerful graphics

Godfrey recommended a video presentation featuring exciting video of the mixer, combined with electrifying graphic overlays to show the multiple connections between the FLEX Controls software and the functioning parts of the mixer. The powerful graphics brought to life the positioning for the controls system, “The Brains of the Operation.” And the payoff? Helping customers and prospects see how the system could help them achieve “the most connected fleet ever.”

“Lots of ‘Awesomes’ so far!!! I love it.”

Outside of Video
Sealing a reputation for advance technology

The stunning video succeeded in positioning the FLEX Controls system as the industry’s most advanced controls technology and solidifying McNeilus’ reputation as a technology leader at CONEXPO. As Scott Fenske, Director of Communications at McNeilus said, “Lots of ‘Awesomes’ so far!!! I love it.”

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