Solenis schematic Solenis Schematic

Showing Product Scope with Interactive 3D Models

Displaying solutions in every dimension

When Solenis field service reps were asked what marcom support they want most, this was their #1 answer: They needed a way to show that Solenis chemistries can benefit many dimensions of an operation—from the plant to the unit operations level.

Solenis scematic
A truly immersive showcase

Godfrey led the creation of immersive, three-dimensional schematics for several of Solenis’ customer operations. With a bright and simple aesthetic that suited the Solenis brand, each schematic offered a digital model of the environment at hand. At key inspection points throughout each model, the user could interact for more information about relevant Solenis solutions.

Their value reaches well beyond PCs and mobile devices
Solenis scematic
The applications seem endless

Since launching in late 2016, the schematics have attracted nearly 1,000 interactions with users on the web. But their value reaches well beyond PCs and mobile devices. Plans are to use the interactive 3D models in sales presentations, print materials, conference room visuals and at trade events. And thanks to a highly versatile 3D content platform, they can even be experienced through a VR headset. Solenis has made plans to produce two more interactive schematics in 2017.

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