Albert Promoted to Senior Vice President, Business Development

Publish date: Jul 10, 2024

We’re happy to share Josh Albert’s promotion to senior vice president, business development.

During his 10 years at Godfrey, Josh has developed and implemented a strategic new business program securing clients in key industries. He uses his business mindset to tackle marketing issues and ensure the agency brings the right solutions to meet the unique needs of our B2B industrial manufacturing clients.

He’s led Godfrey marketing initiatives, including several website overhauls, our own FWD:B2B Conference and our partnership with Insight Lancaster to host two conferences. He’s served as president for the Philadelphia chapter of ANA Business Marketing and on the board for Worldwide Partners Next Gen Council, representing Godfrey in these key industry organizations.

In his role, Josh will continue to help evolve Godfrey’s offering, ensuring we stay connected to the future needs of our prospects.

Thank you, Josh, for all you do for Godfrey! Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion!

Read more about Josh on our Team page.