Gerhold Named New Public Relations Coordinator

Publish date: Dec 27, 2018
Gerhold Godfrey Coordinator Headshot

As our receptionist, Donna Gerhold has helped Godfrey run smoothly for the last two years. One of her main duties has been to provide the agency with administrative support. This experience will help her transition into her new role as Godfrey’s public relations coordinator.

As public relations coordinator, Donna will assist our public relations managers with administrative support for a wide range of projects for our clients. Her primary responsibilities will include developing media lists, distributing news to media outlets, reporting earned media and conducting research. She’ll also maintain the editorial contact database as well as track editorial calendars to identify potential opportunities for our clients.

We’re grateful for the essential support that Donna has offered as receptionist and will continue to provide as public relations coordinator. Congratulations, Donna!