Employees Take Leadership to Next Level

Publish date: Mar 14, 2016
Lancaster Chamber manger training

Two Godfrey employees are taking their leadership skills to the next level through the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce’s New Manager Academy (NMA) program. Godfrey analytics director Leanne Terpak, a 2016 NMA alum, will participate in the Alumni Forum only available to NMA graduates. These quarterly meetups will focus on progress made on goals created during the initial NMA, hone professional and personal growth skills, and focus on other aspects of leadership.

Ruben van der Meij, senior account manager, also successfully completed the 2016 NMA program. Held in Lancaster, the eight-week program provides new managers with the expertise to lead confidently, communicate effectively and manage intentionally. Geared toward employees transitioning to supervisory roles, academy courses focus on topics such as team leadership, goal setting and performance management.

“The class had a profound impact on me – I can actually say that it changed my life. It has provided me with the tools for continuous, lifelong self-improvement,” says Terpak.

Adds van der Meij, “It really asked you to look in the mirror and understand how you can evolve not only as a manger, but in all interpersonal communication. The training wasn’t as focused on tactical skills, but more on how people communicate in different ways and how managers can adapt to those styles."