Office Expansion and Renovation Support FWD:B2B Concept

Publish date: Feb 16, 2016
Godfrey renovations

If you’ve visited Godfrey lately, you may have noticed a few layout changes. We’ve expanded and updated our office to be more functional and better represent the values expressed in our FWD:B2B ideology. That means a space that incorporates our brand identity and color scheme – plus, an expanded capacity for conference rooms and collaboration. Our third floor creative area, for example, features new, low-wall workstations that allow more light to flow through and make the space more open and inviting. We even held an agency-wide contest to name our new and existing conference rooms. And in the midst of renovations, we were able to donate an extra conference table to the Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster.

“These are exciting times for us at Godfrey. Expanding our office space accommodated our recent growth and provided an opportunity to enable better collaboration, with creative teams working in closer proximity,” noted Melissa Zane, senior vice president and director of creative.