Junior Front-End Developer

Position Description:

Junior Front-End Developers are responsible for the code and functional execution of the work by bridging the gap between design and development. A Junior Front-End developer understands user needs and has a strong foundation in UI/UX, coding and designing for the web. Collaborating with the development and creative teams, a Junior Front-End Developer creates the functionality of all digital client communication tools. A Junior Front-End Developer will create work that is informed by data and is smart, impactful and brand-centered.

All Godfrey employees are accountable for and expected to integrate Godfrey Core Values (Fascination, Drive, Partnership and Transparency) into overall position responsibilities.

Essential Duties:

  • Ensure a cohesive user experience in accordance to Godfrey’s approach to UI design
  • Produce a range of digital marketing materials including: responsive websites, landing pages, email campaigns, UI library components, wireframes, prototypes, templates, etc.
  • Collaborate with the developers and creative team to push ideas and the work
  • Integrate, code, technology, art and copy, and ensure brand standards are upheld
  • Integrate the design of web projects and mobile applications into back-end programming
  • Analyze design requirements and recommend technical solutions
  • Understand requirements based on both technical and UI/UX needs; usability best practices; brand and style guides
  • Maintain consistently high standards for him/herself
  • Present and communicate project ideas to the creative team
  • Deliver on-time, high-quality and error free work that gets results
  • Ensure that optimization standards are upheld at the proper stages of production

Education, Experience and Capabilities:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science with front-end design or front-end development classes preferred
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap (or foundation), pre-processor knowledge (LESS, SCSS), developer tools knowledge
  • Capable of working in multiple CMS platforms
  • Ability to architect, write and implement the functional code base for websites projects
  • Understanding of cross browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them
  • Understanding of source control, server environments and CSS frameworks
  • Understanding of client-side render and response, such as HTTP methods, API consumption, the browser loading/rendering pipeline
  • Understanding of design fundamentals and systems, responsive design, grid systems, front-end frameworks and accessibility best practices
  • Ability to help with debugging, testing, and performance optimization of the code base
  • Skilled in strategic problem-solving; communication, time-management and follow-through
  • In touch with current development and front-end design trends

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