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Bring Your Brand to Life with Copy, Art and Technology

Publish date: Jun 27, 2016 | Reading time: minutes
Bring your brand to life

Bring your brand to life with copy, art and technology: The most successful B2B brands have their own voice. A special look. And a unique sense of purpose. 

As a famous candidate in the last presidential campaign once said, in response to a heckler, “Corporations are people.” Without getting into the wisdom of that particular idea, we do know that the most successful B2B brands have a lot of human attributes.

The most successful B2B brands have their own voice. A special look. And a unique sense of purpose. When you bring all of these things together, that’s what makes a brand truly stand out and succeed in the marketplace. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of how you can leverage copy, art and technology to make your brand shine.

Copy Gives Your Brand a Compelling Voice

Give your brand a voice that reflects its differential — the brand position. Make sure it gives the right impression to your customers. You want it to:

  • Be credible
  • Have a personality
  • Tell a story
  • Connect emotionally with people

The last part is especially important. Consider how you want your customers to feel when they interact with your brand throughout the customer journey. Does your brand sound approachable? Does it listen and help solve your customers’ challenges?

For instance, if your brand positioning is customer-centric, you’ll want to use the magic word “you” a lot in your brand messaging and communications.

Visuals Create a Unique Brand Presence

You want visual content that complements your brand voice. Most of the same points apply, but in addition, keep in mind that compelling visual content can greatly increase online engagement. Be sure your brand’s visual identity is authentic to the brand and does a good job telling the story in each channel. Remember, you want to stop people in their tracks and make them pay attention. Strong words and visuals do that.

The communications programs of B2B companies are dominated by product art, and for good reason. But that type of imagery limits your visual storytelling, preventing you from going beyond features and benefits to talk about solutions that, for instance, involve applications experience. Or even to develop new products that offer your customers competitive advantage.

Better to capture the essence of the brand, portraying the advantages your customers will realize from working with your company.

Technology Embodies Your Brand’s Sense of Purpose

Technology allows you to create and facilitate individual experiences to help bring your customers into the brand story in a unique and memorable way. It can enable customers to engage with your brand whenever they want and help you collect valuable data to understand what’s working and what’s not.

Trade shows are a great venue for utilizing technology to enhance a customer’s experience with your B2B brand. Have you ever gone to a booth and experimented with virtual or augmented reality and gotten a real sense of being a part of the brand? And that’s just one example. Think of the endless possibilities.

But no matter your value proposition, you should be looking for ways to achieve or at least advance it through technology. In the early days of the internet, we used to describe that as “living your brand online.”

Bring Your Brand to Life

When you strategically and thoughtfully integrate copy, art and technology, your brand persona takes on new life, moving from an abstract idea to a true brand personality. That’s something that will work in the marketplace. Something your customers can relate to.

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