Delivering a Confident B2B Message During the Pandemic

Publish date: Jun 05, 2020 | Listening time: 23 minutes

B2B brands around the world are racing to adapt their messaging in the face of a global crisis. Since many of us have never lived through anything quite like this before, there's no simple playbook to give us all the answers. But B2B marketers in complex industries have communicated through crises large and small for quite a long time — and there's plenty to learn from our past in the face of an uncertain future. Scott Trobaugh talks to Director of Public Relations Steve Graham and Director of Strategy Alison Fetterman to find out how B2B marketers can confidently advance their brand story in times like these.

To learn more, read Scott's blog post, "Adapt Your B2B Messaging During COVID-19." 

Alison Fetterman - Vice President, Strategy & Analytics

Alison leads the strategy and analytics teams, focused on driving insightful and innovative ways to connect with clients’ audiences and clearly show a strong ROI for Godfrey’s B2B marketing programs.