Use Humor to Boost Engagement in Your Content

44 MIN

Creating humorous B2B content means taking a risk — but when done correctly, it can pay off with more impressions, increased engagement and even brand fandom. Senior Copywriter Jenell Bakey joins Executive Creative Director Scott Trobaugh to chat about ways you can bring the funny to your marketing content.

Read more in Jenell’s latest blog post, “Use Humor to Boost Engagement in Your B2B Content [EXAMPLES]"


Jenell Abram

Jenell Bakey

Senior Copywriter

Jenell is an experienced content marketer who immerses herself in our clients' industries to deliver content and strategic recommendations that feel authentic to their brands.

Scott Trobaugh

Scott Trobaugh

Vice President, Creative

As VP, Creative at Godfrey, Scott leads teams in creative problem solving with the goal of tethering outlandish ideas to workable business realities.