ExhibitorLIVE 2019

Exhibitor Live Event  2018

Four-Dimensional Storytelling for B2B Exhibitors

How do you create a memorable experience amid the noise of a busy B2B trade show? This session will explore proven storytelling techniques to reveal the secrets of meaningful audience engagement. Leave equipped with the tools you need to build a clear, compelling and easily relatable trade show story that stands out from the crowd. Learn:

  • The four dimensions of B2B storytelling
  • How to define your brand and/or product story
  • How to communicate a clear message to your customers
  • Practical tactics and approaches for translating your story into a trade show experience


Get the complete slide deck for “Four-Dimensional Storytelling for B2B Exhibitors.”


Cliff Lewis

Cliff Lewis

Executive Creative Director

As an executive creative director at Godfrey, Cliff shapes our creative concepting process and helps guide concepts for branding, industry events and global B2B campaigns.

Scott Trobaugh

Scott Trobaugh

Vice President, Executive Creative Director

As a vice president and executive creative director at Godfrey, Scott leads teams in creative problem solving with the goal of tethering outlandish ideas to workable business realities.


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