Social Distancing

B2B Marketing Adapted for Social Distancing

When business as usual is not so usual

When Business As Usual is Not So Usual

B2B makes the world go ‘round, even when the world seems to stop. We're here to help you pivot quickly by using digital tools that make business connections across vast distances — tools we’ve already mastered for your industry. Our full-service B2B marketing agency knows your landscape, markets and audiences, and we’re here to help you adapt as the rest of the world shifts around you.

Replacing canceled industry events

Replacing Canceled Industry Events

What happens when the show doesn’t go on? Canceled trade shows and large-scale events don’t need to cancel hopes for a solid product launch or profitable quarter. Our team can help you leverage thought leadership content you’ve already created for the event and adapt it for remote interaction — whether we’re using ABM to reach key prospects or creating content for personalized retargeting, we’ll help drive deeper engagement.

Presenting when you can’t be present

Presenting When you Can’t Be Present

Shifting tactics can open new opportunities when in-person thought leadership isn’t possible. Did your SME prepare a presentation? We can help you convert the deck and speaking notes into a dynamic live webinar. Do you have a library of technical articles and white papers? Let’s pull it together into a series of simple, lightly edited videos. Looking for more interaction with your audience? We can help you share the human face of your brand and add value to your social media presence by facilitating live Facebook or Instagram Q&A sessions.

Experiencing your product at a distance

Experiencing Your Product at a Distance

When that hands-on demo is a no-go, you can still allow customers to explore and interact with products. Our team can make it happen, from prerecorded video demos hosted by your best salespeople to interactive 3D models that your customers can explore from their desktop or mobile device. And for memorable, immersive interactions, we can help you bring your product into your customer’s home office environment through virtual or augmented reality. We can help you do all of this while staying firmly grounded in a targeted core message and meaningful proof points.

More deals, fewer handshakes

More Deals, Fewer Handshakes

Build a more engaging personal interaction at the decision phase of the customer journey — even when salespeople can’t travel to visit the customer. Whether you’re considering remote sales enablement or leveraging existing ABM, we have the team in place to help you connect, convert and close when traditional face-to-face interaction is on pause.

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