The Challenge


A global provider in sustainable water treatment and process improvement solutions, Solenis had last updated its website in 2014. As their brand — and their marketing and communication needs — evolved, Solenis wanted to better connect with a growing group of stakeholders, from employees to the investment community to prospective and current customers in markets like chemical processing, power generation, food and beverage paper packaging, and tissue and towel.

Among the key objectives:

  • Drive awareness and perception that Solenis clearly links environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives to value creation
  • Address investor demand for in-depth company data and information

The project also entailed the selection and implementation of a user-friendly content management system (CMS) that would accommodate more than 475 pages across multiple full-language sites. The CMS would also need to connect with the Solenis customer relationship management platform to support and monitor leads, prove marketing activity ROI and improve website performance.

But the challenge for Solenis went beyond technical specifications. Launching their new website was also an opportunity to open a new chapter in their brand expression. The Solenis brand story, which had always stood on the promise of advanced expertise and support, had now grown to encompass a host of sustainability-driving innovations. Moving forward, their brand would represent the same caliber of customer solutions but also a unique force for change in environmental, social and governance (ESG).

The company chose Godfrey to handle the entire website design and development process, from insight and discovery to brand refinement, post-launch performance reviews and continuous optimization.

The Solution

100S OF PAGES. 1,000+ TASKS. 100% REMOTE.

Working with a global team through the COVID-19 pandemic, Godfrey, Solenis and external partners on both sides collaborated and communicated remotely throughout the project. Consistent and clear communication plus meticulous project management helped ensure each member of the large remote team understood their deliverables and were fully equipped to meet often-tight deadlines. Using insight gathered from true intent data, user testing and multiple discovery sessions, Godfrey streamlined a massive collection of product information and technical documents into an elegant, intuitive experience. As Godfrey brought that experience to life, we infused every image and word with a fresh take on the well-established Solenis brand: The company’s problem-solving mission had now expanded to address customer needs, along with the broader demands of global sustainability. This was the same Solenis story, now captured through a much wider lens.

The Godfrey team was instrumental to the success of our new website’s design, development and launch. serves as much more than a web presence. It’s a dynamic, best-in-class website that makes it easy for our customers and other stakeholders to get the information they need to make decisions.
- KATY ABERNATHY, SENIOR DIRECTOR, Corporate Communications, Solenis
Two different sizes of cell phones showing a website.

RESULTS DELIVERED — FAST. went live with English-language pages in April 2021 — just nine months after kickoff. The completely redesigned site makes a bold impact with a fresh, dynamic aesthetic that reflects the role of Solenis as a visionary global leader in solutions for water-intensive industries. Since the site’s launch, it has seen an increase in return visitors and sparked more engagement. Within the first three weeks of go-live, the improved mobile optimization drove mobile site usage from 16.9% to 20%. By the end of the third quarter, Solenis experienced an increase in engagement including contact form submissions, ask an expert form submissions and PDF downloads. The top PDF downloads were the safety data sheets and new sustainability report, both high priorities from the project’s inception. With a user experience, content strategy and brand expression all working in perfect harmony, no website visitor would ever guess that this entire experience was created by a fully remote team of marketers during one of the trying years in recent memory. The site continues to produce powerful business outcomes and has been translated into additional languages, including Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, German and French.


Increase in Ask An Expert form submissions


Increase in contact form submissions


Increase in PDF downloads

  • Branding
  • Content Creation
  • Customer Experience
  • Data and Analytics
  • Landing Pages and Microsites
  • Lead Generation
  • Research
  • Sales Promotion and Support
  • Strategy
  • Video
  • Website Design and Development


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