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When a specialty lubricants manufacturer needed to move its marketing communications beyond brand awareness, we built a content strategy that helped measurably strengthen their thought leadership position.

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Rising from brand awareness to thought leadership.

Klüber Lubrication NA LP had spent years focusing much of its marketing communications on high-level brand awareness. But the time had come to shift their strategy from awareness to interaction, and that required focusing on tactics that strengthened a thought leadership position. Because the specialty lubricants manufacturer was speaking to a variety of markets, Godfrey built a comprehensive content strategy to engage each audience with relevant content. For maximum efficiency and ROI, nearly all of that content was repurposed from existing resources.

The Solution

Relevant content starts with meaningful research

Before churning out content, we formed a detailed map of the communications landscape. We interviewed their market managers, reviewed their top five competitors, developed a messaging strategy and defined each of their key market personas. All of that insight made it possible to build content marketing plans that mapped back to each market and provided content that was relevant at the right stage of the buying journey. To house the new content, we designed a new content hub for the brand.

As part of the content marketing plan, we also built out a social media presence on LinkedIn and incorporated paid media and public relations.

Kluber case study results


Making gains in almost every measure of audience engagement.

After the new hub went live, active engagement quickly increased. Almost every stat was up – from PDF downloads and e-news sign-ups to LinkedIn shares and referral traffic. Through the hub, the company’s subject matter experts have seen their credibility and name recognition increase within their market audiences (they’ve even seen a jump in requests for industry speaking engagements). The content marketing program established in North America has also served as the model for Klüber Lubrication’s global divisions.

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