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Solenis makes its mark in the mining market

Leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals for water-intensive, industrial applications achieves remarkable engagement rates, making a solid impression in a relatively new vertical.

Challenge - Collaboration


Breaking into a close-knit market

Solenis, a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals for water-intensive industrial applications, recently entered the mining market. While their chemistries help mines extract more minerals and help protect valuable equipment, Solenis needed to quickly gain brand recognition and trust in this vertical’s family-like community.


Build key relationships through targeted content

To gain brand recognition and trust, Godfrey developed a program that positioned Solenis as a thought and solution leader in the mining category. The goal was to start nurturing key relationships that would result in future sales leads.

To help us understand customer needs, we learned about buyers by conducting secondary research and interviews with key internal stakeholders. Knowing which product benefits matter most to customers helped us recommend mining-related content that demonstrated the value of working with Solenis. We collected a library of Solenis’ videos, white papers and case studies and built a mining-specific set of landing pages to house it. We promoted the content using account-based media targeting. Because of its unique abilities to target users by business, job title and areas of specialty, we leveraged the Solenis LinkedIn platform as a promotional outlet.

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Through-the-roof engagement rates

The program delivered the market breakthrough that Solenis needed. We monitored results throughout the 13-week campaign. Based on the results we measured in real time, we made weekly adjustments to media targeting and even optimized the landing page for a better UX. Because of our highly specific targeting and buyer-focused content, we saw post-optimization engagement rates triple from our benchmarks.

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