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Conductive Ink Blends Physical and Digital for an Engaging Demonstration

Crafting an experience that says “technology leadership”

Sto, a manufacturer of wall systems, cladding and coatings was looking for a new way to exhibit their technology leadership in the building materials space. The opportunity came through a networking event called Material ConneXion, a two-hour session where material companies showcased their “next big thing” to an audience of designers (interior and fashion). Our challenge was to create a display that would activate meaningful interactions and capture the attention of an artistically minded audience.

Sto Interactive
Physical interaction with digital enhancement

Because Sto products blend aesthetics with functionality, we designed an experience that did the same. The tabletop display combined an attractive design with touchable, interactive elements. Using conductive ink, this printed display performed like a touchscreen monitor. For example, when a user touched a printed “button” beside a product sample, the display would instantly serve up an audio demonstration, a lighting effect or a short video (on monitors beside the table). This way, even though the exhibit included a range of rich media content, the product samples themselves remained at center stage.

Using conductive ink, this printed tabletop display performed like a touchscreen monitor.
Sto Interactive
Technology that demonstrates leadership

Sto’s tabletop display became the perfect embodiment of technology leadership in the building materials space. During the event, this display even managed to attract attention from visitors outside the building materials industry. After many successful interactions at Material ConneXion, Sto plans to continue including elements from this display in future marketing events.

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