The Challenge

Building an exhibit as impressive as the product

As an annual exhibitor at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Conference on Architecture, Sto was looking for a high-tech, innovative way to allow show attendees to interact with its advanced wall system, StoTherm® ci XPS Lotusan. StoTherm® ci XPS Lotusan is a premium wall solution comprised of multiple layers of insulation, barriers and finishes. The company wanted a display as sophisticated as its wall technology, building on its brand position as a manufacturer of cutting-edge building materials.

The Solution

Showcasing the product, generating traffic, building brand stature

We proposed a mixed reality environment that allowed the audience to view and manipulate a virtual wall system in a way that had never been possible before. We knew from our research that mixed, virtual and augmented realities were starting to gain attention from the architect audience. The use of this innovative presentation technique would reinforce the company’s reputation as a technology leader. We also streamed live video from the mixed reality experience to a separate monitor, extending the experience of the user to an audience-oriented display. Showing it in this way added drawing power to the display, allowing attendees traveling in groups to share the experience in real time.

The Results

A new way to explore, interact with and learn about high-tech products and systems

The client was very pleased with the way the mixed reality technology allowed potential customers to explore, interact with and learn about Sto’s product and systems in a new way. And they are planning to explore this technology with additional systems and capabilities in the future.

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