6 Movie Posters About Your Life as a B2B Marketer


FWD:B2B Conference Movie Posters

If someone made a movie about your career, what kind of movie would it be? Our creative team wanted to venture a guess, so we created six movie posters to chronicle the ups and downs of life in the world of B2B. Perhaps one of these sounds like the kind of week you’re having…

1. The Psychological Thriller

FWD:B2B Conference Movie Posters

Customer insight doesn’t have to be a horror story. After all, the unknown persona is always the scariest.

2. The Oscar-Bait Biopic

FWD:B2B Conference Movie Posters

When the strategy is solid and the ROI rolls in, it’s okay to imagine your life as an inspiring political drama. You’ve earned it.

3. The Rom-Com

FWD:B2B Conference Movie Posters

B2B has feelings, too. That’s why we dreamed up a romantic comedy about a creative marketer, a corporate lawyer and those unpredictable laws of the heart.

4. The Disaster Comedy

FWD:B2B Conference Movie Posters

What would be more comically disastrous than a trade show where nothing goes as planned?

5. The Dystopian Drama

FWD:B2B Conference Movie Posters

Indeed, today’s buying process can sometimes feel like a knock-down, drag-out game of survival.

6. The Sci-Fi Epic

FWD:B2B Conference Movie Posters

Every day, B2B products change the world in more ways than anyone can count. So, our final B2B movie poster imagines the breathtaking epic that every B2B innovation deserves.

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