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Infusing Creativity Into Your B2B Marketing

Publish date: Mar 21, 2024 | Reading time: minutes

Who’s tired of the old belief that B2B marketing has to be boring? 🙋‍♀️

B2B marketing needs to resonate with its audience just like B2C marketing. But just because B2B isn’t fizzy, fruity or fashionable, that doesn’t mean it can’t (or shouldn’t) be creative. Creativity is how a brand stands apart, appeals to an audience and drives action. Even a B2B brand. Maybe especially a B2B brand.

A study from LinkedIn of B2B marketing leaders across the globe noted that “more than two-thirds (69%) agree that B2B purchasing decisions are just as emotionally driven as B2C, and therefore 39% said they are increasingly harnessing storytelling, emotion and humor to help make their creative campaigns stick.” On top of making emotional decisions, think for a minute about the B2B buying process, which is often a much longer buying cycle than B2C and doesn’t happen as often as B2C. The B2B Institute’s “Advertising Effectiveness and the 95-5 Rule” report highlights that “95% of B2B buyers are not in the market to buy today — which makes it imperative for B2B brands to create a memory link in buyers’ minds so that, when they are ready to buy, your brand is top of mind.” How do you create that memory link? By making your brand stand out. By getting creative.

So, where can you find creativity in B2B? Everywhere. From your company’s noble causes down to the secondary colors in your brand palette. Every aspect of a B2B brand is an opportunity to draw out creative visuals and messaging and delight your audience.

At Godfrey, we don’t subscribe to the tired idea that B2B means boring. We thrive in a world of juxtapositions that allows us to deliver great creative work. We’ve got deep roots but a cutting-edge perspective. We embrace a business mindset while producing memorable creative ideas. We also navigate a lot of complexity while making the way simple for our clients. That’s because we believe that purposeful work can and should be wildly exciting stuff.

How do we get there and what can you do to get there too? We dive deep into learning about the complex industries our clients provide products and services for, and we figure out how to tell their stories in a simple and compelling way. We immerse ourselves in their worlds and gather as much data and analytics as possible. We then take that insight and use it to push the envelope creatively. We pay attention to industry trends, marketing trends and things happening in the world to keep our clients relevant. We use inspiration boards to convey ideas to our clients, and then craft smart, strategic campaigns that deliver impressive results.

So, where does that take us? Well, we’ve levitated an industry-leading chiller, and used a yeti to personify an antifreeze product that works in -30 degrees. We’ve rebranded a client that harmonizes the world, and another that shapes the future for our youth. We’ve produced a mockumentary series spoofing The Office to promote a client’s equipment training program, and we’ve set up the world’s tallest selfie stick while at a trade show in Vegas. We’ve created cigar and whiskey labels for client celebrations, and we designed rally cars and roadshows.

You can do it too. If you are looking for inspiration, consider the ways your company’s products are ultimately helping to change people’s lives. Walk around your company’s factory floors to see your team in action. Talk to your customers and partners. Understand their world and their experiences. Explore what your product looks like in action — the amazing inner workings where research and design have come together. And just like we do here at Godfrey, pay attention to industry trends, marketing trends and world happenings to stay relevant.

Remember that marketing campaigns that lack creativity — that are not dialed in — don’t inspire people to act. And that’s who you’re targeting in B2B: people. Just like every other industry. Don’t be afraid to get a little weird just because your company sells widgets that your neighbor doesn’t understand. The people who do, the ones who care, are here for it. Entertain, impress and capture their attention, and watch what that creativity does for your results.

Jen van der Meij - Senior Creative Director

Jen is a creative director on several accounts and carries her love of visual storytelling across all aspects of her life.