Webinar: How to Capitalize on Your Most Important Asset

Publish date: Jun 20, 2018 | Reading time: minutes
Godfrey Webinar header

B2B brands are worth a fortune. That's because a brand can drive real value for any company that prioritizes it. But too many companies treat their brand like a marginal consideration. They phone it in. In our webinar, you’ll learn how much your brand is really worth and how you can make it count—without spending a fortune along the way.

To maximize the value of your brand, you’ll need to ask the right questions, make the right choices and take the right risks. You’ll need to explore some crazy-creative ideas without losing your grip on reality. And to do all that, you’ll need a method. We’ll show you the methodology that’s worked for us, and we’ll provide some simple ways to start strengthening your brand. Find out:

  • What you should be asking your customers
  • Where to find your most important message
  • How disciplined thinking can lead to wildly creative ideas