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Knowing Your Audience Drives Better Results

Publish date: Aug 13, 2015 | Reading time: minutes
How well do you know your audience

B2B marketers are constantly challenged to develop the right message and deliver it to the right place and at the right time. But to do so effectively, they need insight from their target audience. Here’s a unique story about how Godfrey acquired insight for one of its B2B clients.

Recently, we worked with a global society dedicated to advancing human well-being through sustainable practices. Several years ago, they had launched a certification/rating system that was the most technically proficient and comprehensive in their industry. Unfortunately, the program’s adoption rate was far below expectation.

The methodology itself was superb, so why was the adoption rate so poor? Was it the tool or the message? Their gut told them it was predominantly a marketing issue, but they asked us to help them understand why and then develop a marketing/communications approach and program that would create engagement and incite action with their target audiences.

In order to create any kind of messaging that resonates with your audience, it’s important to make sure you have all the facts on your audience’s needs as well as any barriers preventing them from taking action. It takes a fair amount of research to get that knowledge. There are many places to start that research; we chose to conduct a series of interviews with key constituents to get a deeper understanding of the audience in order to establish the most compelling message.

The insight we gained validated our client’s suspicion that the barriers had very little to do with the program itself and more to do with packaging and marketing. They had focused promotion of the program on their members, not the ultimate purchasers of the program. Also, several of their competitors had improved their product offerings and made a concerted effort to build awareness with the ultimate purchasers.

With this insight, along with a much deeper understanding of perceptions and issues, the marketing approach became clear: They needed to build awareness that their product could respond to a market need that none of their competitors could. Their product offered a benefit that addressed the No. 1 need among the ultimate purchasers, yet they hadn’t effectively communicated that benefit or targeted that audience. Rather, their messaging had focused on telling their members how the program worked.

It took direct and specific insight from key audience members to get the marketing strategy and message right so this struggling brand could find its rightful place in the market. That information is invaluable for any B2B company that is evaluating its marketing strategies – taking the time to truly understand your audience is the foundation for creating engagement.

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