Let’s Talk Social Media: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint — A Chat With Social Media Manager Emily Spillar

Publish date: May 11, 2021 | Listening time: 36 minutes

Godfrey’s Social Media Manager Emily Spillar talks about the latest B2B social media trends and what B2B marketers can expect in the future. Listen in to hear her perspective on the importance of remembering “it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

Join us as Emily chats with VP, Creative Scott Trobaugh about:

  • the growth of social media and the increased focus on “in the moment” and real-time social media applications
  • the relevance of the newest platforms, such as Clubhouse and TikTok, to B2B audiences
  • the importance of understanding the audience demographics of the platforms you use
  • how to set up social media reporting structures
  • what marketers should consider when deciding what platforms to leverage
  • the importance of having a social response plan in place

Quote from the episode:

“It’s important to remember it’s a marathon and not a sprint. So, you’re not going to have 10,000 followers overnight. You’re not going to have a million views on a video in a week. It’s really putting in the work to develop that content calendar. To plan ahead. And be consistent. Be consistent in your responses. Be consistent in your messaging. Be consistent in your posting.”

Additional resources:

Read more in Emily’s blog, “Using Social Media for Complex Industries: 4 Foundational Tips

To view the video of this episode, check it out on our YouTube Channel.

Emily Sponaugle - Social Media Director

A graduate of The Pennsylvania State University, Emily discovered her passion for social media while working in public relations. Now, as social media director at Godfrey, Emily works to execute our clients’ social media programs and develops and implements strategies on their behalf.