Let’s Talk Architects: A Chat With Dean Horowitz From commARCH

58 MIN

Chief product officer and president of commARCH, Dean Horowitz joins Executive Creative Director Scott Trobaugh to chat about the power of architecture and its leadership in human-centric design. He also reveals phase one of what he calls “the biggest idea to ever hit B2B media” from commARCH, taking place with the City of Chicago and the University of Illinois. Listen in.


Dean Horowitz

Dean Horowitz

Chief Product Officer/President at commARCH

Dean is chief product officer and president at commARCH (Commercial Architecture), a multiplatform, B2B media company serving early- to mid-career architects and owners/developers primarily in North America. He has spent his career connecting with audiences through contemporary media/communication practices, research, data, events, audience development and big, profitable ideas. He is experienced with startups and Fortune 100 brands. Dean has been recognized in FOLIO, Publishing Executive and MeetingNet and within diverse industries such as building & construction, beauty, agriculture, woodworking, consumer enthusiast brands and home furnishings.